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"Unaona Vile Unapima Mtu Tu Na Macho Unasema Huyu Hana AIDs" A Lady Narrates A Touching Tale

A lady by the name of Stella Akinyi has surprised many with her story of how she managed to luckily escape AIDs infection which her husband allegedly had all along without her knowledge. Akinyi revealed how lucky she was after she discovered that her husband was HIV positive but she was negative after running the tests to find out whether she had been infected with the virus by her husband.

Stella went ahead to disclose how she came to discover that her husband Steve who is an advocate for women's rights and gender-based violence was positive from the virus. She revealed the incident that occurred and she came across ARVs drugs in her house on two different occasions.

The lady went ahead and revealed the numerous incidents where Steve who is her husband used to cheat on her with several women and even went as far as having an affair with his niece.

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Akinyi Stella Stella Akinyi Steve Unaona Vile Unapima Mtu Tu Na Macho


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