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Road Accident

Things Drivers Should Do to Reduce Road Accidents

All the licensed drivers in Kenya and the world , together with those unlicenced. Here are some of the things drivers are not supposed to do when driving.

1. Drinking while driving .

Its against the law to drink and drive. For the safety of all passangers on board the vehicle , the drivers are advised not to drink and drive, or drive while drinking . The government has been strict on this to avoid road accidents from happening oftenly.

2. The drivers should not put on loud music in their cars while driving.

Although some passengers on board love music , drivers should not exceed the required volume , since it can act as a destruction for the drivers , which oftenly makes them lose control of the car,leading to an accident or crush.

3. Proper maintenance of the car.

A driver should check his or her car for any mulfunctionings. This is to ensure safety of the passengers.

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