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Detectives Unearth Motorcycle Syndicate

Detectives from Nairobi have managed to capture two suspects who have been terrorizing the Bodaboda riders in the region and they have been thrown behind the bars so that they face the consequences of the law as soon as the police officers complete the investigation about the allegations. According to Detective Said Kiprotich, he revealed that one of the Bodaboda riders reported he has lost his Bodaboda and they has to act quickly where they managed to arrest the driver of Moyale bus who was ferrying the parts of the Bodaboda as he declared that he was given as a luggage by one of the passengers so that he will drop at Ethiopia.

It is revealed that the suspects have been engaging in that habit for a long time simply because they are getting cheap market and they could easily hijack bodaboda from the residents where they later break into parts to make it easy to shift to the market.

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