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Enziu River Bus Tragedy: Survivor Recounts How It Is Hard To Cope With Bad Memories

Enziu River claimed 33 lives, survivors are still struggling to cope with the traumatic experience, one year down the line.

Simon Kea, who survived the crash by whisker, recounted how it is Hard to cope with the bad memories, especially after losing a team that was dedicated to serving the Lord in the church.

“The ordeal are still fresh in my brain and they are not going away anytime soon,” Kea said when the press interviewed him in Mwingi town. He stated that the church lost all its leaders in the accident except the treasurer.

The tragedy struck a bus ferrying Church members to a wedding ceremony on December 4 last year when the vehicle plunged into the flooded river

The crash claimed 16 members of Mwingi Catholic Church’s St Cecilia choir and two Catholic brothers who were enroute to Nuu Catholic Church to grace a wedding for one of the choir member’s parents.

The Kitui Catholic Diocese, through Bishop Joseph Mwongela, today held a memorial service for the late choir members and other victims of the tragedy today at Mwingi Catholic Church.

Of the 23 church members who was inside the bus that morning, only seven cheated death and Kea was one of them.

He is now the chairperson of the choir and says there is a reason why God rescued him from the jaws of death on that fateful day. When the other choir members chose him to led as the chairperson of the choir, Kea stated that he heard God call him.

So how did he cheated death? Kea revealed that on that day and at that time when the vehicle was sinking in the murdy waters with him inside, he saw darkness, but prayed to God.

“I prayed to God and he answered my prayers,” he recounts and just went silent for sometime to think about the terrifying life experience.

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