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Road Accident

How To Avoid Head-On Collision Accident

Due to the increase in accident instances, it is quite beneficial to understand how to prevent a head-on collision and save a life.

Accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and a large percentage of them are caused by a head-on collision.

A head-on collision occurs when the front ends of two vehicles traveling in opposing directions, such as cars, lorries, and motorbikes, collide.

It's always intense because the majority of the time it involves high-speed motors.

Before learning how to avoid it let us first understand what are the common causes and what can happen when such accidents occur.

Major causes of head-on-collision accidents.

Vehicles may collide front to front due to poor weather conditions and visibility, rather than the drivers' direct responsibility.

People making illegal turns onto one-way streets and, even worse, accessing an expressway from the wrong side have been reported.

Another element that emerges as a prominent cause of head-on collisions is driver weariness.


Distracted driving, for example, Calling, texting, reading texts and emails, or even glancing down the street like in the case pictured above.

Driving while under the influence of narcotics is a serious offense.

Construction and traffic patterns have been disrupted as if a road has been closed.

Important information to remember in the event of a head-on accident.

1 Both drivers may die as a result of the collision.

2 One of the drivers may die, while the other may spend the remainder of his life in a wheelchair.

3 Remember that the insurance company will hunt for any reason not to pay for the damages.

4 Your family may go bankrupt as a result of high hospital expenditures.

So, how do I prevent colliding head-on?

1 Do not drive if you are under the influence of any drugs.

2 Make sure the road is clear and safe before overtake.

3 Overtaking on a continuous yellow line is never a good idea.

4 Never overtake on a bend, a bridge, or a corner.

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