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"Wamechoka" See What Syokimau Residents Have Decided To Do After Allegedly Being Let Down By County

Fixing and rehabilitation of roads are normally the functions of the government. Roads are classified based upon the level of government to oversee them. With this,we have county roads and the national roads. The national government oversees the main roads while county government are responsible for the small feeder roads.

After feeling being neglected by their own county government, Syokimau Residents in Machakos have decided to take matters into their own hands and fix their road.

Airport Road residents have organised for a fundraising to aid in the development of airport road which they claim is bumpy and is blamed for breaking down cars.

The residents of Syokimau have been called upon to at least contribute 2500 Shillings towards this course with money aimed at funding a quality murram road and payment of labour that will be in charge of this maintenance.

This is not the first time where residents have taken matters into their own hands to try and fix their road. Instances of this has also been reported in the past

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Airport Road Machakos Syokimau


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