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Road Accident

Sad Scene, See Photos Of Wrecked Shuttle Matatu Involved In Nasty Accident At Voi, Kenyans Reacts

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Kenyans are losting their lives on a daily basis across different counties here in Kenya out of terrible croad crashes repeatedly happening on a busy highways day by day. The government through the ministry of transport is still emphasizing and creating awareness among its citizens on importance of road safety. These includes creating measures to be observed by both drivers and pedestrians while using roads.

According to news reports by Sikika road safety authority through Facebook platform, deadly crash involving 14 Seater Matatu has been reported this afternoon at Voi. That crash might be spearheaded due to reckless driving involving driving on a continuous yellow line.

Photo of that Wrecked 14 Seater Matatu has emerged on social media hence eliciting mixed reactions among Kenyans netizens. That vehicle was nasty damaged hence raising eyebrows among Kenyans netizens. Any causality has not been reported but we are waiting more updates from NTSA.

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Here are some of the photos represented that deadly crash at Voi,

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Here are some of the reactions among Kenyans netizens,

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