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Husband To Bury Banana Trunk In Wife's Grave After Her Body Vanished

A man in Kilifi has said he will bury a banana trunk in his wife's grave after her remains disappeared from the burial site on the night of Monday, June. Daniel Chiro, former police said his family had decided to follow the Mijikenda tradition and bury the trunk within the place of the missing body because they wanted to heal from the Monday night occurrence.

The burial of the plant is to be preceded by a ceremony led by a priest. Consistent with the Mijikenda, a grave cannot remain empty for an extended time because it will spell doom for the community. The previous policeman said he was involved in a land dispute with somebody else over the land where his deceased wife was resting.

However, he said he had left everything to God because their efforts to locate the missing body are futile. After the burial ceremony of the trunk, the family will spend three days in mourning then slaughter a goat because the tribe's customs dictate.

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