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Residents of Nyamache in Kisii Left in Fear after Empty Coffin Is Discovered On the Road

Residents of Gionseri Nyamache in Kisii County were shocked today morning after they discovered an empty unused coffin along a village Road something which is very rare and indicative of witchery according to a Facebook post by Cyrus Ondieki.

Ondieki wrote that the coffin seemed to be new and has never been used. Investigations are underway to identify the individuals who committed the act and to establish their intentions. It is also not clear where the unknown people were headed or coming from.

Facebook users were quick to react to the news as follows. Peter Arasa wrote “now it's open that witchcraft is there in Gusiiland after the incident at Marani some people said there is no witchcraft.” Majority of the Facebook users concurred with Arasa that witchcraft is rampant in the region.

Others reactions are shown below.

We urge the people of Nyamache to exercise calmness as investigations are underway.

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