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"Nilikuwa Natetemeka" Neighbour Reveals Why She Disclosed Masten Wanjala's Whereabouts To The Mob

Hours after the self-confessed serial killer Master Wanjala meeting his death in the hands of irate villagers at his Namakhele village of Kabuchai Constituency in Bungoma county, his mother has finally spoken to the media to narrate the events that preceded his demise.

In an interview that was conducted by a KTN News reporter and broadcasted live on Facebook at 10pm today on October 15th, Masten's mother narrated how she was frightened by the irate mob that was searching for him upon learning that he was in the area making her disclose his whereabouts without blinking.

The saddened mother said that in the morning of today, an angry mob that was looking for her son stormed at her home demanding for his whereabouts and she had no option but to point at the house in which he was hiding.

"They asked me to show them how he had managed to enter into the house and I told them that he must have made it through the window and they stormed the house.

They found him hiding behind a pile of timber that we were keeping in the house and dragged him out. Mimi nilikuwa nimebaki tu huko nyuma kwa sababu nilikuwa ningali natetemeka," she said.

The mother added that it didn't take long before the angry villagers murdered him but as at 10am, the body was still at the home because police officers (from the homicide department) hadn't arrived at the scene to do what's necessary before carrying him away.

In that interview, the village elder Martin Mutoro confirmed that the deceased was indeed Masten Wanjala whom he had known for years.

That he (the village elder) had been informed in the morning that the fugitive had been spotted in the area and was being searched by the villagers but before he could make it to their home, he had already been lynched.

The village elder added that according to Bukusu traditions, a special cleansing ceremony will have to be conducted at the home where Masten was killed to prevent his "blood" or rather spirit from roaming back.

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