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Road Accident

Driver Found Dead In Highway Pile-Up Involving Hundreds Of Cars

One driver found dead in a highway pile-up involving hundreds of vehicles.

This is according to central China reports.

State broadcaster CCTV indicated on Wednesday displaying photos of the crash showing scenes of chaos.

Aerial images displayed hundreds of passenger cars, vans and lorries, some of which had collided head-on before piling up on one section of the highway in dense fog.

Other viral video clips shared online indicated the mangled wreckages of vehicles that had piled into others.

The crash was atteibuted to low visibility from fog next to the city of Zhengzhou, Henan province.

The number of vehicles involved was 200, state media confirmed.

"Today Wednesday morning, a pile-up of fog was witnessed at the Yellow River Bridge in Zhengzhou, which paralysed transport network along the busy highway involving the collision of several vehicles," CCTV videos played.

It took police three hours to clear the jam and restore the transport network to normal.

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