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Road Accident

"Anaitisha Ushuru Kwa Barabara" Notorious Officer Cought Red-Handed as Brave Driver Exposes Him

A dramatic incident occurred in Nyamira after a county officer was caught on camera extorting money from motorists. The officer blocked the road where he was demanding money from a Matatu driver. "Lazima ulipe ushuru. Hao wengine wamelipa lakini wewe hujalipa. Nionyeshe umelipa ushuru," the officer demanded.

The scene almost turned chaotic which attracted other motorists who were using the road. According to the driver of the PSV Matatu, he was driving from Kisii headed to Nairobi. To his surprise, the Nyamira County Government officer who was dressed in civilian clothes stopped him.

The officer who was demanding for "Ushuru" along the road had a very difficult time explaining why he was blocking vehicles along the road after a senior government officer said to be a senator who was using the road stopped following the incident.

The driver of the Matatu refused to give the officer the money he was demanding from him and that is when he was blocked from proceeding with his journey. The driver explained that the officer has been demanding money from all the Matatu drivers. The driver who operates with EGESA Sacco says that the owner of the Matatu had paid all the taxes adding that the officer was engaging in illegal extortion of money from the motorists.

The passengers who were in the Matatu narrated how the officer placed the road block almost deflating the wheels of the Matatu.

"After I refused to give him the money which he is calling " tax" he called the police officers," the driver explained. The driver says that after the situation turned unfavorable, the police officers walked away. Click here to watch the video of the incident.

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