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Jalas Promises To Help Thieves Who Stole Police Officer's Phone By Doing This

A short video clip about a daring phone stealing heist carried out in broad daylight has been making rounds on Social Media recently.

In the video, a couple of thieves who were being transported by a motorcycle, were infamously recorded as they stole a mobile phone from an unsuspecting traffic police officer.

The incident occured in a flash with the phone being snatched away from the ears of the officer who could only stand and watch as the thieves rode into the highway.

However, while most Kenyans were surprised at the rising amounts of crime in the country, radio presenter Jalas made light of the situation.

The Kiss100 radio presenter went on to mimick a conversation between himself and the thugs as he seemed to flirt with the idea of inviting them to his famous YouTube bonga na Jalas show.

"We are here at Miale." "You asked us to bring these guys as our next guests and we have heard your prayers." "Before you speak watch this three thousand people watching." "Miale is the place, so mnasema mlikua na njaa hio siku."

"Shikilia hapo, guys watching we need to open a till number for these guys." "Tumeni pesa kwa hio number iko kwa screen."

Jalas said as he mimicked how the interview would go down between him and the daring phone thieves.

Content created and supplied by: BobMurimiNdwiga (via Opera News )

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