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Funeral Attended By KANU Boss Gedion Moi Halted By Heavy Rain and Hailstones in Kericho

A burial attended by KANU leader Gedion Moi in Kericho has been halted after it poured heavily in the area hence disrupting all activities according to a Facebook post by Martin Kosgey.

“Heavy rainfall brings to a standstill a funeral service at Brooke attended by KANU Boss Gideon Moi,” Martin wrote. He also uploaded a video of the heavy downpour in another post. Watch the video here

It began raining at around 1.00 pm. Pictures attached alongside the post shows mourners taking shelter in the tents as hailstones filled the grass. Some of the chairs had been abandoned in the rain and Moi’s vehicle was parked nearby.

Facebook users who commented on the post hinted that phenomenon signifies a bad omen. Bryan Arap Chebole wrote that “Kipsigis culture believes that drizzling rain is significant on funeral but heavy down pour with hailstones stones has a different message.”

Moi also held a rally in the town together with KANU Secretary General Nick Salat and Kericho County Youth Leader Lashoo Nusu.

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