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KPLC Announces a Very Long Electricity Blackout on Tuesday 12, October Within the Listed Area Below

Kenya Power Lightening Company through their verified twitter account, they have announced a very long electricity blackout on Tuesday 12, October 2021 within the listed area below so as to allow KPLC personnels to carry out the system maintenance as schedule.

Electricity being a prime mover, it is being terminated at various point by assembly different circuit to come up with one complete circuit called wiring system.

Wiring system can be done thtough various method depending upon area of application. Wiring system to be employed at a particular house is predicted by various factors like: Cost, Durability, Appearance, Weather condition to mention a few.

Electricity wiring system can be categorized into four type, namely: Sheathed Wiring System, Conduit Wiring System, Trucking Wiring System and Ducting Wiring System. These system are employed depending upon the suitability of certain wiring system on that building or structure.

Electricity wiring system must be taken into consideration when being employed as each system name above is restricted to some rule and regulation's governing it so as to ensure maximum protection is given to the end user and to the national grid system.

Sheathed wiring system is a common type of wiring system employed in mainly rural areas since it is much flexible and cheap to install. This type of wiring system can be install by clipping method since it is mounted directely on the wall surface with the help of clips.

This type of wiring system have its associated fittings that helps it in proper installation. This fittings are: Round Boxes, Inspection Boxes, Elbows, Squre Boxes to mention a few. Cables in this type of wiring system are clipped either vertically or horizontally 350 mm and 300 mm respectively.

Kenya Power Lightening Company have been lay out rule and regulations to be followed when a person is performing wiring installation. This rules are ment for safety purposes since electricity fault can cause huge danger to people and properties associated with that installation.

Kenya Power Lightening Company before commissioning your electrical installation, one must ensure he/she have followed all the IEE rule governing each circuit in that particular installation.

Cable rating, Earthing System are just some of the major point which kenya power personnel have been concentrate on since this ponts gives the first protection whenever a fault has occur. Earthing as discussed in previous article, gives a pathway where excess voltage and current pass if the system is faulty.

Conduit wiring system is gaining popular after every stick of a clock since it is more reliable interms of giving protection since the cable carry conductor are housed inside a conduit hence chances of exposure to mechanical demage are minimum as compared to sheathed wiring system.

Kenya Power Lightening Company have been rejecting some of electrical installation simply because they dont follow the IEE regulations that were set to govern the installation practice hence they consider them as poor installation.

Kenya Power Lightening Company today has being on headline as national television @NtvKenya reports that KPLC personnel have been selling illegal token to people through their personal telephone numbers instead of KPLC Paybill number.

This acts rise up mixed reaction as this scandal comes several days before KPLC were ordered to lower the electricity bill to affordable price which the common mwanchi can be able to purchase.

KPLC as their daily norm to ensure there is proper functioning of the national grid system, they have schedule a very long electricity blackout on the listed area below as this will give the company humble time in maintaining the national grid system.

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