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How To Maintain Respect For The Leaders

I think it's time we end this culture of closing roads when leaders are moving about. It's a very uncaring act on the people.

Some days ago we were stranded on the road for more than half an hour because a senior government official was making their way through that route. The traffic marshal manning the closure was polite but he didn't give details. Eventually, the motorcade appeared, and drove on the wrong side of the road!

Of course, this promotes impunity because other lower-level leaders will start doing the same. A good leader will want to use the roads as they are so that they can experience what their people are experiencing. If they get stuck or run late then they will know that something needs to be done on that road and they will do it.

But if they start creating ideal conditions for themselves how will they ever know what the situation on the ground is? Necessity is the mother of invention and unless they feel the necessity directly they will never invent the solution.

Also, during the road closure what happens to ambulances that were saving lives? Or doctors who were rushing to conduct life-saving procedures? Or the millions lost in the man-hours of people stranded?

A good leader will not make their movement a punishment and a pain to their people. When the traffic situation is bad then they will fly. But in any case, they will not inconvenience people who are also trying to run their businesses.

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