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KPLC Announces a Very Long Electricity Blackout on Friday, 08 October Within the Listed Area Below

Kenya Power Lightening Company through their verified social media handles, they have confirmed places that will face a very long electricity blackout tomorrow 08, October from 8 AM up to 5 PM in the evening so that they can carry out the system maintenance.

The stability of a national grid system determine the power interruption to be conducted within a specified location or area. The unstable condition of the grid interferes with the amount of electricity registered at the consumer intake point.

Kenya Power Lightening Company for over years have been urging their clients to report anybody tempering with electricity without the permission of Kenya Power Personnel since they put the life of others at risk of electricity dangers for instance electric shock, electricity fire to mention a few.

KPLC have always been helped by other related bodies in distributing electricity, for instance, Rural Electrification and energy Corps has been of great support towards connecting power to residents who lives deep down in villages.

Rural Electrificatio and Energy Corps as the name define the organization, it is a body that was founded with the aim of reaching local residents and interact with them through connecting their households with electricity from the main supply.

KPLC for a very long time, they have been very strict to people who interact with their accessories, for instance, those of who try to steal electricity by disabling the meter should be caution as this will lead to greater damage and the owner ends up paying huge amout of money if tamper code is required to restore power back.

KETRACO have been on the front line in advising the need of ensuring the need of maintaining the grid system efficiency since one mistake can lead to miserable dangers like death or equipments being burned off.

KPLC like a norm, they have schedule electricity blackout on the listed area below so as they can perform the schedule maintenance.

This maintenances are brought by either environmental causes, Human causes or system failure. Environmental causes are brought about by natural calamities like flood pushing the electricity pole, Lightening striking a transformer that leads to the need of performing a maintenance.

Human causes are brought about by activities such as illegal connections, cutting of tree branches that later falls on electricity line. This causes are minimized by ensuring engagement of Kenya Power personnel before tampering with electricity line.

Electrical system failure is one of the most causative of electricity blackout as small mistake can lead huge consequences. This can been clearly seen in a sub station, where failure of a feeder can cause a huge blackout on a certain geographical area.

KPLC company have however this evening makes an announcement concerning places that will face electricity blackout tomorrow 08 October 2021.

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