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RIP: Heartbreaking After another Police Officer Commits Suicide Due To Alleged Domestic Issues

Police officers go through a lot most especially with the kind of work that they have. This has led to the death of a lot of them since they end up taking their own lives. Another Police officers has killed himself after he was battling with depression. According to sources, this happened because of domestic issues.

This was posted on Kenyan cops and on the post they wrote, "Felix Kiprono a prison officer commits suicide at Industrial Area Prison Nairobi, the youthful officer is suspected to have been battling domestic issues"

Here are some of the comments:

Flex: Romeo India Papa.When overwhelmed please try to share your problems with people around you. Suicide is not a solution,those who resort in suicide are cowards and I must say so because in life challenges are there to be faced.

Sunday: Our offices needs counseling on social issues

Eliza: Rip..This guy must been fighting depression to death 💀.Nimemhurumia,depression is very dangerous..And if there is someone who caused this may they/she or he never know peace....Especially some of our families can push you to the wall and decide to leave this 🌎 to them in peace than hurting them.Many are suffering in silence not only police officers..People can frustrate you death!

Irungu: Depression and domestic issues is the worst enemy to fight with😥

Douglas: Its about money, money and money from friends and relatives

James: I think divorce should be made as simple and as fast as possible.

Kitui: Poleni officers. The Bob Marley's sage of "natural mystic flowing" consuming our officers indescrimately!So tragic and salvaging this situation should be expedited.We have lost a contingent of our officers uncountably not only to stress related issues but also to ugly jaws of insatiable greed of al shaabab.Unfortunately,your bosses can't take a serious cognizant of this trending unbecoming.

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