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New Details Emerge About Simiyu, the Main Suspect Who Killed 3 People

In the country, instances of people being brutally killed with criminals were extended particularly in Nakuru country. Recently, a mom and her kids were brutally killed in Nakuru and their bodies burnt.

According to the source, new details have simply emerged about the suspect who was arrested by detectives a few days ago . As in per latest news shared by a widely recognized source, it has subsequently showed that the primary suspect who was involved in killing of the said woman turned into a eye witness who spoke to Ebru TV about the incident. In the video, the younger guy who's nonetheless in custody was heard narrating what happened. I quote his declaration from the source, "tulisikia nduru na moshi ikitoka kwa nyumba fulani hapa chini, kwenda kuangalia Kumbe no mama Na watoto wanachomeka, it is so sad, " the suspect found out.Furthermore, it's been found out that the suspect, Simiyu pretended to be eye witness.

Look a few lovely images of the past of the said woman together along with her stunning daughters.

May their souls continue resting in peace. It is very painful to lose younger youths withinside the country

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