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KRA Raises Concerns Over The Influx Of These Adult Toys in JKIA Custom’s Stores (Reactions)

KRA officials domiciled at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, a major gateway of imports have decried the overwhelming cargo at their custom stores that owners have failed to meet their stringent conditions before the clearance.

The items include assorted sex toys, shisha pipes, and drones which must meet very strict legal compliance before gaining entry into the Kenyan market. Maina Kageni has expressed his shock after KRA revealed that there are more than 20 containers of unclaimed sex toys at the port in Mombasa.

Speaking during the Morning show, Maina says these may be a sign of how bad men are performing between the sheets. He said,"Is that how far Kenyan men have failed that we have 20 plus containers of such tools? I even hear that JKUAT boys repair these things."

Mwalimu King'angi was shocked by the fact that some JKUAT students work  He asked, "Ati unasema vijana wa JKUAT are the ones who mend these toys? Kwani zinafanyishwa kazi ngumu aje? So you are saying akina 'brayo and Kevo' watachomwa? Wacha mwenye kwenda kuchukua hizi vitu wachukue otherwise it will end in premium tears."

The respective importers have since been given a notice to clear them by the end of this month(September 30, 2021), failure to which they will be auctioned or destroyed.

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