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Foods That Make Your Farts Smell Bad, Avoid Eating Them Regulary

Are your farts smelly? There are chances you are eating foods that make our farts smelly. Here are five foods that make your farts smelly.

1) Beef & Pork - Red meat inhibits food digestion, which can leave them fermenting in your digestive system. Beef contains amino acid known as methionine. Methionine contains high amount of sulphur, which is digested in the gut to form hydrogen sulphide gas. This gas give your farts a rotten egg smell.

2) Beans - Beans are rich in proteins, fibre and a complex sugar called raffinose. Processed raffinose sugar results to hydrogen, smelly sulphur and methane.

3) Eggs- Eggs contain methionine, which produces sulphur. This sulphur is broken down to smelly hydrogen sulphide gas.

4) Onions - Garlic and other types it onions contain carbohydrates called carbs that can cause bloating and smelly gas. 

4) Dairy products - Dairy products contains lactose, a sugar that can cause gas and bloating.


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