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Man Fighting For His Life After a Nurse Misadvised HIm to Apply Methylated Spirit And Lit Himself

A man is in the hospital fighting for his life after a Nurse is alleged to have misadvised him to apply methylated on his body and lit a matchstick.

According to sources, the victim by the name Mohamud Haret had taken a patient to the hospital where its alleged that the nurse who misadvised him is his best friend.

It's alleged that Haret innocently consulted the nurse who is alleged to be his friend if the methylated spirit he saw on the desk could cause burn.

Jokingly, his friend misadvised him where he told him to apply methylated spirit on his body and strike a matchstick to get the answer he wanted.

Innocently, Haret did as the nurse said not knowing he was getting himself in trouble. Haret turned to be a patient in the hospital after he sustained serious burns on his body.

The area police boss condemned the incident where he went ahead claiming that causing others to inflict harm and injuries on themselves is a crime.

The police officers are now investigating the issue as Haret continues to get treatment in the hospital.


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Haret Mohamud Haret


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