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Ways Of Knowing If Someone Is Stealing Your Water

1) Frequent cases of water shortages at your house while you neighbor has water throughout, at other times you would keep experiencing water problems such as receiving dirt water which usually occurs at a specific time of the day.

2) The walls which are near the water pipes start to discolor, this is because of bad fixing of the water pipes that have been adjusted recently hence they cause water leakages, which spread across the areas of the wall which are near the pipe.

3) Water flows under very low pressure compared with how water flows in the house of other people leaving near you, whose water flows under high pressure. This shows that some on else has tapped into your water supply route hence reducing the pressure which the water is flowing with.

4) Finally, hearing of running or dripping of water droplets when there is no activity happening that involves using water, hence there is no reason why you should hear sounds of running water.

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