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Mother In Agony After Losing His Son In A Fire Outbreak After A Gas Cylinder Exploded

Residents of Nairobi County's Mukuru slums are still having a difficult time accepting the death of a kid in a sad fire occurrence.

The kid,who was five years old,perished after their gas cylinder exploded,according to police sources.Neighbors were alerted to the explosion and hurried to the site to save the child.

The young person died soon after arriving at the hospital after being sent there after suffering significant injuries.Before the locals put out the fire, four additional buildings close to the child's home were also reduced to ashes.

The incident is the subject of a police investigation.Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Commission representatives arrived on the scene to look into the cause of the gas cylinder explosion.


real gas cylinders should be purchased,and users should use caution when utilizing and using it.This incident is not experienced once but severally in the region.

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