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Road Accident

University Student Thrown Out of a Moving Vehicle By a Tout Along Thika Road Cries Foul

One Karatina University student that was thrown out of a moving vehicle is going through pain as she broke both her legs after incurring severe injuries. The lady who was at loggerheads with want tout in a public service vehicle was thrown out by the tout while the vehicle was moving. At the same time, she got run over by another vehicle whose driver disappeared from the scene. 

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The lady was taken to Nairobi Women Hospital where she was treated for some time and released to go home. In the hospital, she left a bill of more than 3 million Kenyan shillings. 

The Injuries left her in agony and er family was left in abject poverty after spending all the money trying to treat their daughter. She has since cried for help and justice against the perpetrators of the offense which has lef her in tribulations. 

She has been spending painful days at home with nothing to do and only her parents to take care of her.

It was quite unacceptable for the tout to kick her out of the matatu since she could have simply got out and leave the vehicle with willing passengers. She continues to ail as her parents have no alternative left since they still have to pay the outstanding debt.

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