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Road Accident

Kenyan Dj Dies in Road Accident Weeks After Saying Cemetery Is Full of Unfinished Dreams

A Kenyan DJ who died in a tragic street scene several weeks ago posted a disturbing post on his Instagram page. Kennedy Munene Kaburu nicknamed DJ Star Boy lost his life on Monday, February 22, after a Toyota Hilux car he was driving transported marijuana was linked to a bad incident along Meru-Maua Road.

His death was reported taxable in one of the closest letters. It is with great difficulty that we announce the sudden collapse of Kennedy Munene Kaburu (Murwithania's fake name) DJ ​​Starboy through a road rage on Monday, February 22, along Meru-Maua Road, "read the letter.

The artist was seven weeks old before he had a feeling about his death when he prayed for Kenyans to pray to God forever and not just for money. "The funeral home is full of unfulfilled dreams. Appeal to God forever and not just money, "he created a complete dream of a cemetery. His family said plans for inmates were underway in Nkubu town only when their Kagwampungu and Meru Hotel 1604.

Arrest of the late DJ leaves Meru Funeral on Friday, February 26, for the management of a funeral service at her father's home.Munene's girlfriend who identifies herself as claire_ash-ley on Instagram said she would appreciate the minutes they gave to her late husband forever.

Kelvoh Kanambo posted a sad message on his Facebook page on Thursday, October 29. A man the man from Kianderi in Tetu, Nyeri, died on Tuesday, November 17. After a short illness, his fall left netters scratching their heads while many wondered if Kanambo had realized he planned to hit the bucket soon.

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