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Man Strips Naked Over The Sale Of Land

Aman of 56 years stripped naked when his family members restrained him from selling their only piece of land.According to the chief of Mbanda location in Kisii county.Trouoble started in the evening when the family was eating super in the hiuse together."He informed them about his intention to sell the land but that did not please them."Reported the

When the buyer came in the following morning,the man took him to the piece of land to view it.That was when his wife and children went there and informed the buyer that they were not ready to sell the land because it was the only one they depended on.As the buyer left,the seller stripped himself naked and threatened to curse his family unless they allowed him to sell the land.Acommotion ensued and attracted more villagers to the scene.Old men covered the man with a bed sheet to avoid shame.They called the community policing groups who arrested and took the man to Marani police station for police.

His elder brother who was accompanied by other clan elders,said they man had committed a taboo that needed cleansing.However,an area pastor who was among the crowd,silenced them as he read from the book of Isaiah concerning the reasoning together and forgiveness of Bible.

The villagers consulted then agreed with the family members and the pastor..They requested the chief not to allow the man to sell their land because he could impoverish them.

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