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Road Accident

'Hii Ni Kali '-Kenyans React After Video of a Woman Sitting Next To a Matatu Driver Went Viral

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Kenya's Matatu culture is no doubt one of the most famous in the world thanks to its uniqueness in the operation manner and the vehicles being used. Kenyan matatus often differ based on the routes they are plying. 

You may find many are in good condition with lots of graffiti and powerful sound systems while others are wreckage that makes one wonder whether they will reach the destination. 

On the issue of operation manner, Matatu operators have to build a strong reputation on their willingness to go an extra mile just to make sure they have an extra passenger even if the vehicle is full. 

Earlier today one such matatu operator left Kenyans talking after allowing a female passenger to seat near the gear lever. The position of the lady was such that the gear stick was between her thighs and the driver had to touch her whenever he wanted to engage a new gear. Here is the video

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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