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Road Accident

Traffic Jam Causes Woman To Give Birth On Roadside

A heavy traffic snarl up on Nairobi Outering Road caused a middle aged woman to give birth while on her way to hospital Monday morning.

According to eye-witnesses the ladys water broke while on route to hospital but traffic on the busy city road made it impossible for her to get proper medical attention on time and as such she was forced to give birth by the roadside.

He was passing by his way to work when when he noticed some men had gathered around a personal vehicle. He immediately noticed the pregnant woman who was writhing in pain so she had to stop to see if she could offer any assistance as was said by the female witness.

The babys head was already visible but the woman wanted to hold the baby in until she got to the hospital but she advised her against it because she might have ended up hurting the child. The two men who had accompanied the woman had no experience in delivering children and if being honest they looked visibly shocked as such she had to step in and help the mother to be.

She was then rushed to the hospital where she could find a better help and good care from the doctors.

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