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Road Accident

Painful: 11 Passengers Confirmed Dead After Being Involved in a Deadly Road Accident Today

Road accidents are still happening every day claiming more lives. These road accidents are happening mostly due to careless driving and overtaking along busy roads. Drivers are to be blamed for these accidents for of they drive carefully and obey simple traffic rules these accidents would not happen.

Sadly, another deadly road accident has been reported on the N3 southing in Pietermaritzburg where two taxis, two trucks and six cars have collided badly killing eleven passengers at the spot.

Photo courtesy, used for evidence.

It's sad that eleven families have been left in great pain mourning their family members whom they have lost today for they will not be able to ever see them alive again. The main cause of this accident has not yet been disclosed however the traffic police did their investigation on this accident

Photo courtesy, used for illustration purpose only.

The eleven dead bodies were taken to the mortuary for preservation and autopsy as they await burial. Please let's wish them our most heartfelt condolences in the comments section below. Please do like, comment and share.

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