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Here Is Why Some Restrictions Will Solve Covid 19 Spread(opinion)


The covid 19 pandemic has ravaged the world for a year plus now yet there is premonitions that it might not be countered in near future. This is to mean that the pandemic is here to stay and so human beings should find a way in which they are going to stay with the virus. Many governments have been imposing restrictions which are particularly aimed at combat the virus. This might not be sure ways as human beings are yet to understand a virus which its "clever" as it keeps on mutating as it transmits from one person to another. Kenyan government has imposed several restrictions which are believed to be combating the virus. However this isn't true as this set ways have got many loop holes.

1. Lockdown for hotspots

The government locked the counties which were deamed as covid 19 hotspots center. This was ment to curb the spread to other parts of the country. However this might be a raw deal as the government gave people an allowance of traveling upcounty and so many people moved out of the restricted counties. This is to mean the spread has already been effected the corruption might also effect the travel of people up country.

2. Reduction of capacity caring for psv vehicles

This could be a raw deal as a "matatu" could just pick passenger just after passing the police checks as we still don't have an element of self responsibility .

3. Conjestion in slums

This to mean that Kenya being a third world country full of informal settlements, it is as hard as forcing an elephant into a needle eye to control the interaction of people whom there houses aren't having " social distance"

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