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The Agony That Monicah Njeri Is Going Through In Saudi Arabia

The rate at which girls are suffering in Saudi Arabia is alarming. Much has been said about what has been making them to suffer, though the truth is on the ground.

Many of them have been looking for help back home, despite them working far away.

This only means that, their bosses are not cooperating, making the to look for options elsewhere.

The latest case is of Monicah Njeri,who have been ailing for two years,in what is suspected to be blood Cancer.

Today, Ev. Mercy Nungari, the kind hearted Nominated MCA from Kiambu has come been working on her case.

She requests well wishers to help her get home, so that she can get better treatment.

Monicah njeri kaigai is from Nyandarua. She is currently in Saudi Arabia and she has been unwell.

"Monicah is suspected to be having blood cancer, through those who communicated to me. She has been in Saudi for 2 years. One year, she worked under her boss complaining of severe heachache severally." Mercy Nungari says.

"The Arg"kemboid" through this photos, it is clear that the lady is unwell, we need to save this life and bring her back to Kenya for urgent medication. This has reminded me about monicah😢😢😢." She concludes #operationbringmonicahback

We hope that she will be home soon. Let us asve her life.

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Kiambu MCA Mercy Nungari Monicah Njeri Saudi Arabia


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