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Here is a 19-year-old Sheril Awino who fought two officers

A 19 year old form 3 girl by the name Sheril Awino attacked two police officers and and left them with injuries.

Sheril Amino is currently a student of Rambula Mixed Secondary School and a girlfriend of one to Dennis Mugo who si one of the officer that was clobbered by a 19 year old girl.

She is a young and energetic lady.

Awino was and mugo fought in the mugo's house over relationship querrel.

According to police report, Sheril Awino took a broken glass from a glassed table and cut mugo on his head and upper arm and left him bleeding profusely.

Dennis Mugo cried painfully for help that led to his collogue Constable solomon kipchumba to come and help him,but in the process kipchumba was also attacked by the student using the same same broken glass.

They were both rushed to inuka hospital for medications.

Solomon Kipchumba was discharged and is in stable condition but Dennis Mugo was referred to Sagam Hospital in Luanda for further treatments.

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