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A Secondary School Girl Is Caught Handling Illegal Drugs

A secondary school girl in Samburu has been arrested after being caught in possession of over 26kgs of illegal marijuana. The illegal drug was at the girl's position when the police officers caught her and took her to Samburu Police station.

This cases are most rampant with male gender, but this time, even the females are not an exception. The cases have started to rise and they are very worrying.

Students are advised to focus on their studies and avoid to commit crimes. This will protect them from going to jail and it will also build a good image to them now and even the future.

They are also advised not to indulge themselves in drug abuse. This will not only affect their education, but also it will put them at the risk of contracting diseases like HIV and other diseases. They will also result in committing other crimes like robbery and theft.

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