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Filthy Allover As Governor Awiti Says Lake Victoria Has Been Turned To World's Largest Septic Tank

The lake as seen from Homabay Town. Picture Credit Nation Africa

Disturbing pictures have emerged showing the filth and sorry state of Lake Victoria. Looking at the lake now you cannot imagine it's one of the largest freshwater lakes sustaining millions of people from Rusinga in Kenya to Cairo in Egypt. The lake is particularly dirty in Homa Bay area with the water dark and oily. Currently there's no fish there having migrated to cleaner areas or died because of the lake's pollution.

Vultures waiting to feed on the waste discharged into the lake daily. Picture Credits Nation Africa

When asked what's happening in Lake Victoria, Homabay Governor Awiti lamented that the lake has been turned to world's largest septic tank. This is into reference of tons of waste that get dumped into the lake everyday by residents. House owners in the fast growing Homabay turn have even redirected their sewer lines to dump waste direct to the lake.

This is a disaster in waiting if it has not already happened. Thousands of families can no longer provide for their families as there is no fish in the Homabay area of the lake. The water is not safe for human consumption but households continue to use it as they lack alternative. We hope the county government will move away from the resigned tone and reinforce tough measures to reclaim the lake.

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