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The Hopeless Street Boys Of Nairobi

Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya. It is home to many government offices and it is also the most developed city in Kenya.

But along with all it's beauty, it also a home to thousands of street boys who are living without any hope for the future.

When you walk your way through the streets of Kibra and Dandora you will feel sympathy for these boys who live in a hopeless situation.

Unfortunately, most of them are ending up being thieves and robberies since they lack guidance.

These kind of situations are the ones that contribute to the rising formation of criminal gangs.

Inorder to stop these kind of situations, the authorities will have to look at the root cause of the situation including poor enconomy.

Most of these street boys are children who were abandoned by their mothers who most often than not blame their poor standards of living as the main reason to cruelly abandon their children while are still infants.

Unless, the root cause of this problem is addressed, we are most likely to see more and more of these hopeless street boys.

Content created and supplied by: @Dully (via Opera News )

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