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How the Super Expressway Will Operate

The expressway is expected to change the face of transport sector in the country. From ever congested road to an immediate connection from Mlolongo to Westlands the road is expected to change the way business is conducted as well as how time is managed on roads. The expressway is still under construction and it aims at opening a new phase in the capital city. But how exactly will the super road operate.

From the current and initial Mombasa road(old) one will be ushered in to the climbing lane which will lead you to an overpass. Here toll officers will be strategically situated in any interchange from the bottom road to the new one on top. After paying a certain amount of money, scheduled to be between ksh 100-1500 one will be issued with a receipt of passage.

Daily road users and especially those representing companies which opt to use the road regularly, they will be issued with stickers of passage, here they will need not to pay daily fee. Officers will be placed in different locations on the road and will inspect the receipts and stickers oftenly.

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Mlolongo Mombasa Super Expressway


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