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"My Hubby Raped My Daughter And Impregnated Her. He Vowed To Kill Her If She Reported Him; Gladys

Gladys Mumbi from Nakuru painfully narrates how her husband raped her daughter and got her pregnant while she was sixteen years. What hurt her More is that her husband is never ashamed of the act refused to take responsibility for his actions.

According to Gladys she was born and raised in Nakuru. Her mother was a single mother of two children and Gladys was the second born. She went through school until she finished her primary education. Her mother couldn't take her to highschool and she chose to get married.

She claimed that her husband was from Meru and he had come to Nakuru for work. They got married and they relocated to Meru. Gladys became a farmer and her husband became a cook at a nearby school. They loved in the same compound as his parents and they lived in harmony. They were blessed with three children. One boy and two girls.

Gladys said that she had misunderstanding with er inlaws and they left the compound. Her husband wasn't happy and he was influenced by his family to mistreated Gladys. He stopped buying food for his family and Gladys became frustrated. She decided to leave him and relocated to Nairobi with her children.

She climbed that she met another man. He treated her well and even took her children to school. Life went on and Gladys settled in her new marriage. However when her daughter was in form two Galaxy's was asked to visit the school and she was informed that her daughter had written a suicide note which was found between her books by a fellow student.

"My daughter was not only stressed but also fed up with life." Gladys said.

She said that she was recommended to take her for counseling and the following morning she took her to see a doctor. They performed a series of tests and the results showed that she was pregnant. Gladys daughter revealed that she was raped by her stepfather one Sunday afternoon when her mother was away from home.

She claimed that her daughter revealed that her stepfather and vowed to kill her if she reported him to her mother. She also said that she hated herself and she wanted to commit suicide. Gladys was shocked by the news and went to confront her husband.

She said that he didn't denie the allegations and promised to take care of the baby when it's born, in exchange they wouldn't report him to the police.Gladys agreed but also left him. However even after the baby was born he refused to take responsibility as she is now seeking for justice for her daughter.

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