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Bad News To a Govt Official Who Allegedly Defiled a Class-Seven Girl, As What Is Waiting Him Emerges

In this country, there are several cases where young children have been defiled by older men. These cases have been increasing, and the victims have been going through tough times. These cases should be condemned, and the government should jail the suspects to act as an example to those who like luring small girls.

According to the source, new details have just emerged about what will happen to one assistant chief from Baringo County, who is accused of defiling a seventh-grade girl and even impregnating her. As per the latest updates shared by a well-known source this hour, it has been revealed that the precaution has requested the court to give him life imprisonment for his acts of sleeping with the minor. Further, it has emerged that the suspect used his powers to make sure that the minor aborted to hide the evidence.

These are bad news for Chesang because he might serve life imprisonment for defiling the young girl.

Further, all Kenyans are encouraged to report any cases of defilement to the nearest police station. Let us come together and eliminate all criminals from society.

Have a blessed night.

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