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Suspect Of The Killing Of Four Women Nabbed, Fresh Details On What The Residents Did To Them

The villagers swarmed on the suspects when they were caught stealing cell phones. Good Samaritans arrived just in time to save a suspect from certain death.

There is at least one additional suspect in a medical facility fighting for his life at this time.

The accused were found to have been stealing people's cell phones.

Police say they located the suspects with three knives.

There is a postmortem on the deceased and his body has been taken to the hospital mortuary.

The Rift Valley Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Nakuru is still investigating the event.

Gang members are linked to some of country's most impoverished areas, including Bondeni and Kivumbini, according to authorities. In Nakuru and the adjacent districts, it terrorizes the populace with impunity.

Unemployed and bored slum dwellers form the core of the group.

They were attacked at one point by hordes of people wielding rudimentary weapons including pangas, metal rods, swords, and even guns.

At least five persons, including the most recent, have been killed in gang battles during the past year.

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