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What Waiguru Did To The Man Who Trekked 230 Km For Seven Days For Wang'uru Stadium Mashujaa Day

A certain man aged 67 years has narrated how he walked for almost seven days to ensure he doesn't miss Wang'uru Stadium celebrations. The man confessed having travelled all the way from Nakuru to Kirinyaga so as to attend a live event of Mashujaa Day proceedings. However, the man was interrupted by people who took him to Anne Waiguru's place.

According to The Standard, it has been revealed that the man was warmly received in Waiguru's compound.

We received a warm reception from the governor who gave each a package of pishori rice, a packet of coffe, tea and a loaf of bread," Muigai.

The man said that one of Waiguru's assistants volunteered to book a hotel room for him where he spent the night waiting for tommorow's celebration. However, the assistant delayed to come and pick him as promised before. This forced him to board a Matatu and Bodaboda to reach the stadium.

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