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Nai"ROBBERY": Crime rate increases in Nairobi as phone snatchers now use motorbikes to rob

Using a phone while walking on the streets of Nairobi has been a major problem as you are exposing yourself to a serious trouble of losing it. Phone snatchers are now using motorcycles to execute theft. Now the residents of Nairobi have called upon the government to arrest all motorcycles with hidden number plates or those which don't have number plates. Through videos taken by the CCTV cameras the phone snatchers are being carried by these motorcycles with hidden number plates or no registered number plates.

After they snatch the phone they speed off to unknown direction. This has become so dangerous to the residents of Nairobi as now the boda boda boda riders are now turning into these related criminal activities Police and the government should now step in and take an action concerning this criminal activities. Most of these petty criminal being the youth will vanish because the residents are now tired and they are saying they are ready to take the law on their own hands.

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