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Man Disappears Mysteriously

A family in Nairobi is still searching for their loved one after he disappeared mysteriously while he was travelling home from Marsabit. Francis Isaac Oyara who is aged 45-year-old had been working in Marsabit town as a Kenya wildlife services officer but he failed to reach home despite revealing to his wife that he was on the way. They have issued a telephone number so that anyone who happens to see him should inform the family members about where he is so that they will stop searching for him. They are calling upon the government to support them simply because they were depending on him to provide food and also school fees for their children.

They are now hoping to meet him in good condition again after disappearing for long. They have reported the issue to the police officers and they have declared that they will be investigating to determine where the man vanished to.

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Francis Isaac Oyara Nairobi


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