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Ghosts Fall From the Building: Couple Commits Suicide In Kilifi

Yesterday a young couples committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor of a story building in Kilifi county. This incident was witnesses by the apartment's security guard who heard a loud bang and a car alarm from one of the apartment's backyard.

On reaching the area he was shocked to find a naked man's body lying lifelessly on the cold floor. To his disbelieve another body fell next to him. In response to this incident he screamed alerting neighbors and then rushed to the police station to report the incident.

On the police station he wrote a statement that ghosts were falling from the building's fifth floor. The police rushed to the scene to Carry out their investigation only to find out that they were real human bodies.

On inspecting their house, they found shattered glass in the room and some traces of blood on their blood. The room looked messy indicating that there was a fight.

The two bodies were later taken to the mortuary for preservation.

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