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Sad Story of a 12-Year-Old Boy Who is Aging Too Fast [Video]

A video emerged online with a story of a boy called Erick who was born different with disabilities and critical health problems. According to his mother, he was born normal but after some months his health started deteriorating.

He delayed in doing things such as sitting, crawling and walking and was sickly all the time. He is now 12 years old but cannot communicate well because he has hearing problems and cannot speak properly.

Erick's mother revealed that it reached a time when his head started swelling abnormally and tears started coming out of his eyes even when he is not crying. His health conditions have made him look older than his age and most people in his neighbourhood say that he is aging too fast.

Erick stopped going to school because of how much he used to be bullied. People told him that by the time he finishes school he will have reached retirement age by appearance. His mother, being a widow, is not able to raise fees for a school of children with special needs.

She requested those who would come across his son's story to help her raise money for his treatment because she was told by doctors that his condition can be corrected medically. She also asked for general support because she is poor and has no one to help her.

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