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Plane Crash

A Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing After A Rogue Passanger Tried To Open Door While In The Sky

There was a moment of panic in a plane before the pilot decided to make an emergency landing after a passanger went rogue and tried to open the door of the plane while in the sky. The 34 years old woman by the name Elon Agbegninou is said to have tried to open the door while the plane was in the sky.

The woman explained that Jesus had told her to take the flight and open the door while in the sky. The Southwest airlines was flying from Houston to Ohio before the incident happened. The plane attendants and the other passanger had to restrain the woman from opening the exit door.

The pilots diverted the plane to a little rock Arkansas after the woman became unruly on board. After landing at Arkansas the woman was forcibly removed from the plane by authorities.

The eyewitness in the plane said before the incident had requested flight attendants to look out the window by the jump seat. She claimed that she could barely breathe in the plane and that is when she started opening the exit.

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