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14 Students From Immaculate Heart Girls Arrested For Allegedly Planning To Burn A School

Some students from Immaculate girls high school who are said to be fourteen in number have been reported to be arrested by the police after some allegations placed on them that they had a plan of burning their dormitory.

According to the report gathered,the evil plan of the students was unveiled by one of the student who reported to have overhead the girls conversation. She then made it her responsibility to report them to the school administration.

On hearing this information,the school principal called police officers from the nearby police station who rushed to the school and hence arrested the students.

The principal was overwhelmed with the act of that one student who did report the issue. In connection to this,the principal charged all students to always report any kind of suspicion moreso this periods a lot of things are happening in schools.

This happened after over 30 schools have faced great loses after their dormitories getting burnt. In most of these, the real cause of these fires have not been unveiled.

The issue of unrest in schools have drawn the attention of both at the local and national levels. Some are now suggesting the reintroduction of corporal punishment to help reduce these cases.

What do you think is the cause of these burning of schools?Whom do you think gets involved in these burnings?Will bringing back corporal punishment help reduce the Indiscipline cases in schools?

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