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Chaos;A magnitude 7.2 earthquake disaster as doctors face kidnap in Haiti

Life has become tough as the Carribean nation is faced with a magnitude-7.2 earthquake which has swallowed innocent lives.With reports,about 100,000 homes have been destroyed and leave more than 30,000 families homeless.

More than 2,100 residents have succumbed to the horrifying death as more than 300 people have not been found.Schools,homes,churches and other resorces have been destroyed in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

Moreover to worsen the situation of the earthquake strike,doctors have found to have been kidnapped .This has brought fears to many as one of the big names;an orthopaedics surgeon specialist is not found.Reports say that the specialist has ended up in the jaws of abduction.

Although this is another turmoil to tremble Haiti and her residents,US has come out of their way to help.Doctors from US have landed with medications for the help of those suffering from illnesses and from the earthquake trauma.

Relief for the victims of a powerful earthquake and tropical storm began flowing more quickly into Haiti on Thursday, but the Caribbean nation’s entrenched poverty, insecurity and lack of basic infrastructure were still presenting huge challenges to getting food and urgent medical care to all those who need it.Private relief by the US doctors has given sone hope to the Haitians.

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