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Sikika Clears The Air On This Photo of A Road Marked With Zigzag Line As They State The Meaning

Sikika, the community organization that oversight road safety rules and regulations have come out clean and cleared the air on the trending photo of a road marked with a zigzag line. Kenyans have been wondering what the sign means that led to this organization coming in and demystifying it.

Sikika said Kenyans worried about the existence of this particular road sign. This is because they are afraid of they find themselves on a road with these marks and they don't understand what it means or what they can do.

Sikika said this road sign means that the diver is about to arrive at a place where the passengers are crossing. They said that the marks are placed to alert the driver to reduce speed since he or she is approaching the passenger crossing part.

This sign usually comes just before the renowned zebra crossing. This will alert the driver to the existence of the zebra crossing.

However, Sikika said the road sign is not found in Kenya. They said this is a rare mark and Kenya has not adopted it as their road sign. They then clear the air that Kenyans should not worry because this is not among our signs.


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