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Police Boss Speaks on The OCS Who Was Recorded Allegedly Promoting Mob Justice In Viral Video

A video surfaced the internet three days ago showing a senior police officer advising residents to lynch a suspect. The OCS's boss has set the record straight on the OCS's actions.

The OCS of Bondeni Police Station Gemenet Kimutai, was recorded in the viral video saying this, "If a criminal is not peaceful, assault them as you wait for the police. If they have done something dangerous or stabbed someone and the incident is still fresh, kill that person. That is the proper interpretation of the law."

Mr Mwanzo, OCS Kimutai's boss has defended the actions of Mr Kimutai, saying he is under pressure from criminals in the area. The police boss say that the intentions of the OCS was to purely promote the fight against crime.

He continued and urged citizens to report any gang crimes to local authorities so as to win the war against crime.

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Bondeni Mwanzo OCS


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